Hello! I’m Columbine the Catfairy. I’ve been seen about various Renaissance faires since 2005. But I am most known for being one of the Fairies in the Hidden Glen of the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival. It’s been my home away from home since 2010!

I’m also the resident fairy of the Rose O`neill Fairy Gathering in BonnineBrooke, Missouri. And I pop up at least one day at the Whitehart Renaissance faire.

My three bestest Fairy friends are Arrow the Music Fae, Widget the Tinker Fae and Baxter the Mischief Fae. Widget is the one that taught me how to make his special giant bubble formula and how to make huge bubbles bigger then me!

I am named for the flowers I was born near.  They are so pretty and different looking. And come in SO many colors, but I like the pink and purple ones best.

I hope to one day start making appearances at fairy parties in the area of Springfield, Missouri. As well as other Ren fairs about the country!

I love glitter, and tea, and mushrooms and bunnies!


The actress behind Columbine


Jennifer Simmons is the actress behind the wings and glitter.   A long time fan of faeries and fantasy, when she started attending, and later working at,  Renaissance faires she wanted a character she could really “become”. And so Columbine was born. Named for her favorite flower and as she is fond of cats was given a feline side.

She studied drama at Harding University, and is currently living in Aurora, MO with her Husband, their housemate and four cats.


Contact info


You can email me at catfairy@columbinecatfairy.com Send me a message via my facebook page *please like me!* or leave a comment here!